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Total Training conduction for Farmers and Farm Women are:

Thematic AreaNumber of FarmersNumber of Beneficiaries
Agriculture Engineering31952
Agricutlure Engineering14303
Capacity Building and Group Dynamics701572
Crop Production1363383
Horticulture Fruits7129
Horticulture Vegetable Crops15353
Livestock Production and Management23421
Plant Protection671658
Production of Inputs at site47991
Soil Health and Fertility Management962291
Women Empowerment or Home Science1072308

Training information yearwise, please select year

Training conduction for (yearwise) Rural Youth are:

YearTitleNumber of FarmersNumber of Beneficiaries
2013-14Formation of SHG for Women Entrepreneur113
2013-14Diversified Agriculture Technology for Income Generation112
2013-14Nursery Management of Fruits and Vegetables117
2013-14Importance of Balanced diet for better growth of Women and Children110
2013-14Nursery Management for Horticultural Crop119
2013-14Scientific Method for developing of orchard118
2013-14Integrated Farming System for Social Upliftment131
2013-14Post Harvest Technology in perishable crops151
2013-14Precaution for quality seed production for wheat120
2013-14Role of Vegetable to increase the income of rural youth116
2013-14Fruits and vegetables processing120
2013-14Importance of floriculture farming for better income116
2014-15Method of Utility of Soil Testing112
2014-15Protected Cultivation for Vegetable and Flowers for Higher Income111
2014-15Social Upliftment Through Integarated Farming System120
2014-15Importance of Bio Fertilizer to Increase Nutrient Use Efficiency123
2014-15Round the Year Production for Milk Animals118
2014-15Production Technology Using Organic Fertilzer133
2014-15Safe Irrigation Method with Micro Irrigation System119
2014-15Nutritive Health Diet for Children and Women111
2015-16Awarenesss of farmers for adoption climate resistent agricultural technology115
2015-16Production techniques of Hybrid maize to get extra income115
2015-16Women empowerment through handmade articles136
2015-16Importance of ICT for sustainable agriculture110
2015-16Importance of biofertilizer to increase nutrient use efficiency110
2015-16Natural Resource Management124
2015-16Role of INM for hight production in rabi crops137
2015-16Agriculture based entrepreneurship for self dependency115
2015-16Round the year production of milch animal115
2016-17Role of SHG For income genration118
2016-17Safe irrigation method with micro irrigation system125
2016-17Youth invovlement in agrriculture126
2016-17Importance of ICT in agriculture116
2016-17Importance of diversified agriculture119
2016-17Vermi compost techniques117
2016-17Enterpreneurship development through value addition in agriculture115
2017-18Integrated farming225
2017-18Information and communication Technology230
2017-18Women Empowerment330
2018-19Soil Fertility Management122
2018-19Mushroom Production127
2018-19ICT in Agriculture120
2018-19Integrated Farming System252
2019Integrated Production Techniques for Rabi Crop115
2019Farmers Empowerment through Value Addition in Agriculture126
2019Empowerment of Rural youth through Agro based Entrepreneship124
2020Seed Production241
2020Production of organic inputs241
2020Vermi compost techniques134
2020Planting material production133
2020Value addition250