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Extension Activities

Total Extension Activities(Since 2007-08):-

TitleNumber of FarmersNumber of Beneficiaries
Animal Health Camp4313
Awareness Programme4125
Awareness programme181398
CD Show932663
Celebration of important days22900
Diagnostic Visit1431153
Exposure Visit4243
Extension Literature43936
Extrainee Meet6445
Farmers Visit116215987
Farmers visit to KVK592592
Field Day583821
Group Meeting7306
Kisan Mela815513
Kisan Sangoshthi242341
Krashak Sangoshti265
Krishak Sangoshti2156
Literature Delivered as a resource person1395963
News Paper Coverage18226845
Parthenium Day Celebration4253
Popular Article1640573
SHG Group Formation121
Scientific Visit to Farmers field80584
Scientist Visit142654
Scientist visit to farmers field201051
Self Help Group conveners meetings224
Soil Testing Campaign430614
TV Talk1111253
Vishwa Khadya Diwas135
World Soil Health Day51482

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KVK Ujjain
YearCropType of ProductionQuantity in qtl. / no.Revenue Generated in lakh

Soil Sample Analyzed

YearNo of Samples AnalyzedNumber of FarmersNumber of VillagesRemarks
2008-09505012NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
2009-10787810NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
2010-11505012NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
2011-1280008000152NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
2012-132500250030NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
2013-1480080010NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
2014-152002005NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
2015-165005007NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
2016-1759962964760NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
2017-185005008NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
2018-1980080010NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
2019-201000100015NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
202070070025NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
202150050025NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients
202250050025NPK, PH, Organic Carbon EC and Micro-nutrients

Technology Week Celebration

Number of VillagesDate of Tech. WeekThematic Area CoveredNumber of Farmers
2016-1712-17 September 2016Crop Production Technology Integrated Farming System Soil Health and Management Crop diversification Water Management325
2015-1618-23 November 2015IPM,ICM, INM, Seed production, drudgery reduction, water conservation, formation of SHG, ICT etc.162
2014-1515-19 September 2014IPM,ICM, INM, Seed production, drudgery reduction, water conservation, formation of SHG, ICT etc.285
2013-149-13 September 2013IPM,ICM, INM, Seed production, drudgery reduction, water conservation, formation of SHG, ICT etc.388
2012-133-7 September 2012IPM,ICM, INM, Seed production, drudgery reduction, water conservation, formation of SHG, ICT etc.510
2011-126-10 Feburary 2012IPM,ICM, INM, Seed production, drudgery reduction, water conservation, formation of SHG, ICT etc.576
2010-111-5 Feburary 2011IPM,ICM, INM, Seed production, drudgery reduction, water conservation, formation of SHG, ICT etc.150
2009-107-11 September 2009IPM,ICM, INM, Seed production, drudgery reduction, water conservation, formation of SHG, ICT etc.410

SAC Meeting

SAC Meetings Conducted at KVK:-

YearDateNumber of ParticipantsMajor Recommendataions
20222022-10-3135Integrated farming system should be made a result-oriented model keeping in mind the small and marginal farmers.
In order to increase the irrigation source capacity, training of pond system in 1/10th part of farming should be included in technical activities.
Mixed farming should be promoted. Suggested to increase training for promotion of natural farming.
Technical demonstration of coarse grains should be done among the farmers of the training plot.
Progressive crops should be increased in crop cafeteria.
Field day and seminars should be increased.
Instead of R.V.G. 202 new variety R.V.G. 204, R.V.G. 236, R.V.G. 224 and others should be taken.
Fortified varieties should be promoted to eliminate malnutrition in rabi crops.
Technical aspects are getting weak due to more commercial activities at the centre, need attention.
It was suggested to prepare an action plan for crop diversification in Kharif.
Keeping in view the long results of the components of natural farming, their data and compilation. proposed to be done.
It was suggested to set up a certification lab for natural and organic farming products and processing in Krishi Vigyan Kendra.
It would be appropriate to plant cereal crops like wheat along with the pulses crop from the fixed area of natural farming.
Field demonstration of varieties of spice vegetables from different institutes of the country should be included.
Suggested to disseminate advice on horticulture crops through social media. Suggested to organize refresher course for field staff of horticulture.
Organic Haat market to be organized twice a month through dissemination training in farmer's cluster.
Fish pond construction and soil testing can be included.
Training should be organized for pond water conservation.
Mineral mixture should be given to the animals in the dairy model. Suggested to do AI of all the cows together.
Training should be organized to make small marginal farmers aware of seed rates in rabi season.
Suggested to include disease and pest resistant new varieties in soybean species.
The cost of cultivation of crops should be estimated on a contemporary basis.
Suggested to organize training program on goat rearing.
20222022-06-2037Emphasized on promotion of horticultural crops for increasing farmers income.
Suggested to set up plots of natural farming in crop museum so that farmers of different tehsils of the district can be inspired by seeing them.
Soil fertility should be promoted through weed management of crop residue. Apart from this, it would be appropriate to disseminate “drone” based technical training in front of the farmers. So that the farmer can get acquainted with the new dimension and the pesticide utilization capacity can be increased and time can be saved.
Onion varieties should be propagated which are suitable for processing. It would be appropriate to inform the farmers about the seed production program of crops like turmeric, coriander and fenugreek in the center's crop museum and crop demonstration plots. So that the contribution of horticulture crops can also be seen in doubling the income of the farmer.
Effectiveness of any new insecticide for the control of stem fly in soybean, but the number of demonstration plots should be included. Suggested inclusion of NRC 142 in OFT along with soybean variety NRC 127. To remove malnutrition and mineral deficiency, it would be appropriate to take HI 8777 variety of wheat so that supplementary element like iron protein can be supplied.
Plant protection training should be organized among farmers so that farmers can get information about new pesticides and farmers can use the innovation. It would be appropriate to include coarse grains in natural farming so that new young farmers can become familiar with the role of coarse grains apart from the main grains.
Balanced fertilizer quantity of 25:60:40 should be used in soybean. Apart from this, 33 to 29 varieties of wheat have been recommended for the Malwa region. Along with their demonstration, dissemination should be done by discussing with the farmers in the cluster area so that the farmers can be benefited from the new varieties.
20212021-10-04371. Extension of IFS technology among farmers. It should be adopted by farmers. Kharif crops must be taken into seed hub programme.
2. Growth Enhancing Hormone should be used in Rabi crop. Bio-fortified varieties must be encouraged.
3. Demonstration of wheat Aestivam and Durum varieties based on its economic analysis
4. Selection of Onion varieties that are used in processing.
5. IFS model should be demonstrated as project mode.
6. Latest and improved varieties of Potato, Garlic and Onion must be used.
20212021-06-15291. Bio-fortified varieties must be encouraged.
2. Impact study of various technology that are transferred to farmers field
3. Publication of KVK work etc
4. Study of impact of Resource Conservation Technique.
5. Publicise the IFS model of KVK to villages.
6. Including the crop- soybean under seed hub
20202020-09-3034Study the Socio-economic impact of new wheat varieties and their area expansion.
Connect the farmers with more than one agri-based entrepreneur to make agriculture as profitable business.
Extension of KVK Vermicompost unit among farmers.
Increase the production of vermicompost
More and More seedlings must be prepared and sell through sales counter for increasing the revolving fund
Publication of success stories of IFS unit established by farmers on their farm.
Increase the training on processing with Horticulture department.
Training must be organize for fertilizer and Insect Control in organic farming
20202020-07-2429Demonstration must include the wheat varieties that are used in processing Encourage the use of organic insecticide and pesticide in Mango, Guava and Lemon orchard Extension of Ridge and Furrow and Broad Bed Furrow planting techniques among farmers Tuber crops must be encouraged. Expand the area of IFS unit of KVK Increase the number of Income generation activities. Increase the Fodder production for round the year availability Increase the Seed Production
20192019-10-1854Promotion of Enterpreneurship through SHG FLD should be laid out by Extension Scientist on Impact of various FLD in the district Incorporation of Linseed in demonstration. Increase the number of farmer and farm women training. Detail information about Nutrition Kitchen Garden must be provided. Increase the number of field days. Wheat variety for Bread must be included in OFT Sowing of Wheat on Broad Bad should be encourage. Bee keeping should be encourage Preparation of Oragnic manure using flower and leaves. Training on value addition to get the suitable prices of their produce Encourage the use Blue staking with spinosad application in Garlic. Training on Barseem and othe fodder crops.
20192019-09-2534Adoption of IFS Model for Doubling of Income All the allied department must frame an action plan jointly for raising the farmers income Red maize must be promoted due its protien content i.e.20-25 percent higher than yellow maize Azolla feed for higher milk production. Recommended Seed Varieties must be use. Carefull selection of varieties. Raised Bed plantation must be promoted. Crop and Agriculture Diversification must be adopted. Poultry unit must be establish in KVK for feasible availability of Kadaknath chicks. Drumstick and other vegetable seedling must be prepared at KVK for distribution. NABARD sponsored training must be organize in KVK for imparting the knowledge of NABARD schemes to the farmers. Animal Insurance under "Pashudhan Beema Yojana" should be encourage. Goat farming should be encourage under mixed farming. Gir Cow should be sell to the farmers for promoting indigineous breed. Promotion of Sorghum with maize.
2018-192018-09-12431. Include cultivation of bathua, poi, dragonfruit and passion fruit in nutritional activities. 2. Promotion of Water Harvesting for Water Managment in the area. 3. SHG should be strong and Cooperative societies should work for secondary agriculture. 4. Number of Training Programme should be increase. 5. Economic impact of Sub soiler should be share with the farmers. 6. Cultivation of Wheat, chickpea along with Linseed variety like JLS6 should be promoted in low water situation. 7. Potash fertilizer must be used to balance the nutrient management. 8. Farmers should be connected to University like KVK. 9. Early maturing varieties of pigeonpea should be incorporated for adoption of Dharwad Method. 10. Promotion of Drumstick farming for 'Nutri-farming'. 11. Bank Officials must be invited for farmers programme. 12. Promotion of Livestock Insurance among farmers. 13. Promotion of organic manure for Conservation of Bio-diversity. 14. Seed Produced in M.P. should be primarily given to the societies and institute of MP. Some quantity of seed produced by KVK should be distributed among farmers.
2018-192018-05-30501. No. of demonstration must be increased 2. Extension of New Variety of Soybean. 3. Ground Water Conservation. 4. Conduction of Vocational Training on Fisheries. 5.Combine training of Farm Women and Farmers. 6. Creating Awareness for Livestock Insurance. 7. Pilot project on Soybean product due to its health benefits. 8. Adoption of IFS module by the farmers.
2017-182017-12-2128 Maize can be suggest to the farmers under the crop diversification specialty the variety- Red Maize which is nutritious and help in minimizing the malnutrition problem as well as it is a resistant variety for the steam borer. Sorghum must be promoted in this belt which is nutritious for human being as well as livestock purpose also. Vocational Training on ‘Bee Keeping’ must be conduct by the KVK from the income generation point of view. She also emphasized that scientific technique should be suggest to the farmers regarding prohibition of burning crop residues. Awareness and facilities should be created among the farmers regarding fish farming in the Balram Talab. Awareness must be created among the farmers regarding use of balanced fertilizer in the crop. He also suggested that recommendation should be given about use of Potash. Gender related training programmes should be conducted at village- Badarka Baba specially for the farmers. Crop diversification should be adopted by the farmers instead of mono cropping farming and awareness should be created among the farmers regarding Organic farming for better production and for healthy soil. He also assured that Deptt. will also focus on promoting cultivation of Sorghum.
2017-182017-06-0939 • Crop diversification should be adopted. • Support of KVK requested for promotion of Artificial Insemination and procurement of semen from foreign countries to improve the breed. • Male Goat should be used only for two years for breeding. • High Yielding Wheat Variety Pusa Tejas and Pusa Ujala and vegetable soybean is available for farmers. • Under pulse production, greengram should be incorporated. • Early Maturing pigeon pea variety are requested by one of the farmer. • Availability of breeder seed through seed society. • Horticulture crop should be added. • Insect Pest Management, Seed rate, seed treatment and in-corporation of green manure based on soil test value. • Based on cluster of district, a soil fertility map should be prepared. Impact study and vocational training on tractor repairing and motor winding should be organized.
2016-172016-11-1635Incorporation of extension activity or training to promote Animal Husbandry.(Dr. Trivedi, Veterinary Deptt.) Suggested the participation of Scientists from KVK in ATMA Sangosthis. (Sh. Kamlesh Rathore, Agri. Deptt.) Indigenous variety of Papaya like Badwani Lal should be encouraged in Ujjain district.(Sh. S.K.Shrivastav, Horticulture Deptt.) Drumstick plant should be provided for farm women to overcome the malnutrition problem. (Assistant Director, Women and Child care Deptt.) Medicinal Crop should be incorporating for crop diversification as well as the presentation should have budgetary and Human resource slide. (Dr. Ambawatia, KVK, Shajapur) He suggested to Promote the Maize crop under crop diversification. He also suggest the incorporation of latest variety of Wheat in demonstration. (Sh. Yogendra Kaushik, Farmer) Farmers should be aware about the subsidy provided on solar panel. (Sh. Atul Sharma, Power Development Corporation, Deptt.).
2016-172016-06-3035Training should be imparted on spices cultivation.(Sh. Bhim Singh, Farmer) Demonstration on Pusa Anmol HI 8737 in rabi season.(Sh. Yogendra Kaushik) Emphasis should be given on Poultry and Dairy farming to farmers under Integrated Farming system.(Dr. Bhagat, KVK, Dewas) Training must be imparted for proper use of cow dung.(Dr. S. K. Tiwari, Deputy Director, Veterinary) Promotion and awareness should be created for organic farming (Smt. Neelam Chouhan, PD, ATMA). Incorporation of Hybrid Maize in the demonstration for good economic return.(Dr. Jagdish Singh, Indore) Training should be imparted on chili production in Malwa due to its good quality and pungency.(Dr. N.K.Gupta, Deputy Director, Horticulture).
2015-162015-10-1335 1 To promote the lentil and oil seed crops in situation of rainfed regions in malva area. (Department of Agriculture). 2 Motivate the farmers for Integrated farming system. (Dr. V.K. Swarnkar, Scientist Indore). 3 To promote the Pulses crops in situation of rainfed in malva area. (Dr. A. Krishna, Scientist Indore). 4To promote the dairy & motivate the farmers for Increase the carbon content in soil.(Dr. S.N. Upadhyay, Scientist Indore). 5 To promote the fenugreek crops in purpose of crop diversification.. (Sh. Aswini Singh Board Member JNKVV & Progressive Farmer). 6 To promote the Pusa Anmol variety of wheat in Ujjain District. (Sh. Yogendra Kaushik Progressive Farmer). DDE suggested to KVK achievement added to power point presentation.
2015-162015-04-10351. Increase fisheries training programme (department of fisheries). 2. JDE suggested to incorporate studies and interventions related to climate change in action plan of KVK. 3. Training programme should be conducted for SHG or seed society. (seed certification agency). 4. Create awareness regarding use of organic manure like: FYM, vermin compost and NADEP etc. (Dr. D.K. Vani, P.C. Khandwa). 5. Create awareness among the farmers regarding adoption of ridge and furrow techniques raised bed, broad bed furrow for better production (Farmer welfare Agriculture
2014-152013-10-0634To create awareness regarding Nutritional Kitchen Garden in rural areas and technical support to the Department of women & child development in developing the NKG. Increase training programmes on drudgery reduction of farm women. Create awareness regarding use of FYM and impart practical trainings for recycling of organics through vermi compost, NADEP etc . Increase training programme on IPM in Horticultural crops. Increase Fisheries training programme under the guidance of concerned SMS. Addition of special lecture of banking procedures in the selected training programmes. Increase the training programmes in the collaboration of NGO's.
2013-142013-05-3028To incorporate trainings on Water management and Information Communication Technology for the extension personnel's. A addition of trainings on fruit & vegetable processing to remove Mal Nutrition for the aonganbadi rural workers. She also suggested to organize training on drudgery reduction of farm women. To organize training on Pisciculture. To formulate policy for inhibiting burning of crop residue which is a major cause of shortfall of fodder in the district. He also suggested for organizing fodder production trainings. To be organize trainings on Pigeon pea, sorghum and maize to provide crop diversification.
2012-132012-10-0537To creates awareness about the organic farming through training programme. Latest varieties of Maize from public & Private sector must be introduce in cropping ng system. Motivate the farmers for soil health improvement. Increase the no. of training programmes of horticultural crop viz. Pea, Potato, Garlic and Ginger. Training should be imparted for minimizing mal nutrition problem. Entrepreneurship should be develop through various activities like Fruit and Vegetable preservation. Attention should be given on varieties selection as per accordance the availability of water.
2012-132012-05-1610Increase no of training programmes regarding the rain water harvesting. Use of Molybdenum in garm shoud be increase. Crop diversification by adopting the horticultural crops. No. of training programmes regarding the sustainable agriculture should be increase. Promotion of crop diversification. Increse the no. of activities which can be increase the income generation actiivities by adoting the value addition and food preservation method.
2011-122011-11-1835From the trained group of farmers, centre should be identified and select the farmer as a master trainer. Awareness should be created among the farmers' regarding seed rate, maintain of distance from row to row and plant to plant. To boost the farmers for adopting the organic farming. Awareness must be created about the use of 'INM' Motivate the farmers regarding rain water harvesting as well as recharging of tube well. To create the awareness about the integrated farming system. Computer training programmes should be organised for the farm women. Farm women participation should be increase in the training programmes.
2011-122011-06-1135Awareness should be created among THE farmers to use the Rotavator for field preparation as a mean of resources conservation technology. More than 20 village level farmers libraries to be established with joint feeort of KVK and lead bank, Bank of India. The use of ICT should be strengthening for technology advisory as well as marketing purposes. Centre should make a plan to assess the impact of demonstrated agricultural technologies on Socio-Economic parameters of the village. Training must be organised on Organic Farming by the centre. Training must be impart on value added product to gain the maximum rejuvenation from production of Soybean, Horticulture crops and vegetables. Maintaining linkages with various stake holders.
2011-122011-05-1449To organize the training programmes for motivating the rural youth to adopt the agricultural based enterprises. To inspire the farmers and farm women for formation of SHG and organize the training programmes for self employment through SHG. eg. Production of qualitative seed production. Bio diversification in agricultural crop through organizing training programmes and conducting FLD’s on farmer’s field. To increase the maximum no. of farm women’s participation in different programmes. To increase the women’s participation in ‘soy products’ training and create the awareness about women friendly farm equipments among in the rural area. Work plan will be made for availability green fodder in throughout the year. Suggestion for organizing and conducting training programmes and FLD on pulse crops. A plan should be make to visit the field along with the farmer’s team in future. To encourage the farmers for producing qualitative seed under the guidance and training should be given by the Scientist of KVK.
2010-112011-11-1048Nehru Yuva Center youth should be incorporate in the trainings of KVK Area of Pulse crop in the district should be increased. Training should be organised for quality seed production. On and OFF campus trainings should be organised to encourage adoption of crop diversification. Steps should be taking to popularize the use of Soya based food more & more among the farm women. Programme should be taken place to encourage the Animal Wealth. Keeping in view the importance of marigold in Ujjain, its new variety should be popularize among the farming community.