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Title of OFT Problems Performance indicator Result/impact over farmers practice
Assessment of Micro-nutrients application in Soybean Low yield of Soybean due to severe Zinc deficiency in soil (>70%) Yield
Plant Height
Test Wt
B:C ratio
The data shows that the soybean yield increased 23% by the application of 25 Kg/ha Zinc Soptionphate followed by one spray of composite mixture of micro-nutrient proved better for higher yield in Soybean. Besides this, data also revealed that there was increase of 5% in test weight and 68.75% increase of number of pods per plants. The incremental B:C ratio was 1:1.21.
OFT on Soybean for assessment of micro-nutrientOFT on Soybean
Assessment of potassium nutrition in soybean Low yield due to no/suboptimal use of potassium (50%) Pods per plant
Test weight
Yield qtl/ha
Application of balanced amount of potassium resoptionted in vigorous growth of plant and better ramification of roots resoptionting in 27 % more yield and good size of seed with 15 % higher test weight.
B:C ratio 1:1.95