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District Information :

District MAP
Ujjain Map

Ujjain district map (Not scale)

Land Use Pattern
Geographical Area : 6091 Sq.KM

Forest Area: 3.1 (000' ha)
Fallow Land: 2.8 (000' ha)
Net Sown Area: 500.9 (000' ha)
Irrigated Area: 347.5 (000' ha)

Doubled Cropped Area: 381.1 (000' ha)
Single Cropped Area: 119.8 (000' ha)
Cropping Intensity: 176

Soil Type:
Light Soils: 134.172 (000' ha)
Medium Soils: 396.418 (000' ha)
Heavy Soils: 79.283 (000' ha)
Rainfall of Ujjain district

Nutrient Consumption(Kg/ha)

N:P:K is in the ratio of 8.6: 4.8 : 1
Operational Land Holdings in Ujjain District

Small, marginal, medium and Large Farmers
Pesticide Consumption(g/ha)

Insecticide, Fungicide, Weedicide
Thrust Area of the District
  • Sowing geometry of crops like soybean, wheat, gram etc
  • Need of Integrated Nutrient Management (Zinc & Sulphur) which reduces crop yield.
  • Promotion of crop, variety & agricultural diversification.
  • Integrated Weed Management.
  • Use of high yielding wilt resisting variety in Chickpea.
  • Use of IPM module in high value crops like soybean, gram and vegetable crops.
  • Nursery management, Varietal promotion & appropriate planting methods for horticultural crops.
  • Promotion of new agricultural implements.
  • Drudgery Reduction, health and hygiene promotion in rural women.
  • Agri-based entrepreneurship development among rural youth.
  • Capacity building and group dynamics.
  • Care & maintenance, disease, Feeding & fodder management in live stock.
  • Value addition processing Fruit and vegetable & preservation.

Potential of the District
  • Good potential of spices, medicinal, flowers & aromatic Crops
  • Good marketing facility of spices, medicinal Crops
  • Development of Seed hub due to congenial climatic and geographical location.
  • Well connected with Road & Railways net work.
  • Good potential of Mandarin, Aonla & Guava.
  • Suitable for Goatry & Poultry industry.
  • Value addition of soybean, wheat, potato and milk.
  • Need of suitable varieties of potato, garlic, onion for export
  • Quality feed to improve the milk production in cross breed cows
Problem of the District
Discipline Problems

Crop Production

  • Use of high seed rate with improper method & planting  geometry.
  • Lack of adoption of crop rotation.
  • Heavy reliability on traditional varieties coupled with inappropriate  sowing time.
  • Low use of organic matter and bio-fertilizers.
  • Lack of adoption of IPNMs in cereals, pulses, oilseeds & horticulture crops.
  • Heavy infestation of weeds in all crops.
  • Unawareness regarding importance of quality seeds.
  • Lack of knowledge in quality seed production.
  • Lack of value added variety of major crops of the zone.


  • Unavailability of suitable varieties of horticultural crops
  • Lack of concept for nursery & its managements in horticultural crops
  • Lack of technical knowledge about management of Orchard.

Agriculture Engineering

  • Unawareness of soil and water conservation practices
  • Non-conjunctive use of available irrigation water.
  • Improper care and maintenance of implements and equipments
  • Little awareness in promotion of improved implements

Value Addition & Processing

  • Unawareness regarding value addition
  •  lack of processing facilities, market intelligence

Home Science

  • Unawareness of farm women regarding group approach.
  • Poor farm women efficiency & drudgery due to lack of knowledge of friendly farm equipments.
  • Health & Hygiene problem in farm women
  • Malnutrition of children & farm women.
  • Unawareness about source of income generation.

Crop Protection

  • Wilt complex in major oilseed & pulses
  • Losses due to insect, pest & disease attack in cereals, pulses, oilseeds & horticulture crops( G. Beetle, Leaf Curl, Thrips, YVM, Tuber rot and blight in Potato)
  • Rodent (particularly rat) problem in field crops
  • Losses due to termite attack in partial irrigated crops.
  • Indiscriminate use of insecticides .
  • Storage/post harvest losses in cereals, pulses & vegetables


  • Lack of entrepreneurship among the rural youth.
  • Lack of  leading capability among farmers community.
  • Lack of linkage with extension agency.
  • Unawareness regarding agricultural development programmes.

Veterinary Science

  • Low productivity owing to indigenous breed of animals & poultry.
  • Unawareness regarding vaccination.
  • Imbalance feeding, maintenance & care of Milch animals.
  • Infertility, delayed oestrous, long calving interval of repeat breeding


Agriculture Scenario of the District
Major Farming Systems/Enterprises (Based on the analysis made by KVK):
1.Agriculture + Horticulture
2.Agriculture + Animal Husbandry
3.Agriculture + Animal Husbandry + Horticulture
4.Agriculture + Labour
5.Land less Labour

Distribution of Kharif Crop
Distribution of Rabi Crop
Distribution of Horticultural Crop