KVK Ujjain


Formation of SHG (Agricultural women) by K.V.K Ujjain (M.P.).

Name of SHG Name of Person and Designation in the group Date of Starting No. of members Saving/ month Presents status of account Remark
Jay ma Durga -Smt.Ajodhybai Anjana
(Chairman) -Smt. Sitabai Anjana
12-12-2008 20 Rs.100/person Interest @ 2% Rs.48000/- Rs.12000/-

The money exchange process at higher level within group is going on

Total 60,000/-
‘Shri Ram Seeta’ -Smt.Sumitra Goswami
-Smt. Kamalabai Jat. (Secretary)
20-04-2010 12 Rs. 50/-person Rs. 3000/-