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Impact of Trainings Organised at the Centre

Thematic Area wise Problems Performance indicator Result/impact over farmers practice
Income Generation
  • Unawareness towards income generating enterprises
  • Extension of Mushroom Unit
  • Lack of Knowledge about Mushroom Production Technology
  • Increase additional income through mushroom production
  • 15 unit established by Rural Youth in different villages
  • Dissemination of Knowledge about Mushroom Production Technology
  • Income of ₹ 10000 per month

mushroommushroom training
mushroom training mushroom training2

Seed Production
  • Non-availability of improved high yielding seed
  • Use of high seed rates
  • Varietal replacement % Seed Multiplication Ratio
  • Increase in Productivity
  • Increase in Net Income
  • 25-30%
  • JS 93-05 = 2375 Kg/ha, JS-335 = 2444 Kg/ha, JS 95-60 = 3125 Kg/ha
  • Net Income ₹ 12562

training training2
filed visitfield visit

Income Generation


  • Increase in Net Income ₹ 8000=00 Per month

₹55000=00 net profit per ha by cultivation of Marigold


Soil Fertility

Use of chemical fertilizer

  • Soil fertility and production

Use of vermicompost improves the fertility of soil and gives the higher yield of Onion, garlic and potato continuously from the last two year.

Soil InspectionContruction of Vermi compost