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Package demonstration

INMs JS 95-60


Package demonstration including INMs, IPM and IDM in JS 95-60 resulted in harnessing maximum potential yield in 85 days and helps in diversifying cropping system from Soybean-wheat to Soybean-potato-wheat.

Package demonstration

INMs JS 97-52

Although variety suitable for ideal conditions but terminal moisture stress at pod filling stage is chief hardle in harvesting the targeted yield

Ridge and furrow method of planting in Soybean

It conserves 13% to 15% more moisture in soil profile at harvest, apart from increasing the soy yield by 14 per cent and saving one pre sowing irrigation water.

Scheduling of Insecticides

Use of phorate along with seeds followed by one spray of endosulfan at 25 DAS and trizophos at 35-40 DAS takes careof major insect-pests of soybean and also saves 20% to 25% expenditure as compared to FP.

Weed Management through Hand Weel Hoe

for farm women (CIAE-Bhopal)

It is time saving device, reduced drudgery in farm women, minimizes perceived exertion & muscular- skeletal problem, increases efficiency.

Zn SOin soybean

it gave better response as 60% to 70% soil samples were deficient in Zn & S.

Package demonstration KAK-2

Tolerant against wilt disease alongwith excellent yield potential in medium sized kabuli type but seed size is smaller than exotic Kabuli.

Variety : CSV-17

Excellent short duration variety ideally suited for intercropping in early maturity soybean variety (JS 95-60).

Termite Control

Seed treatment with Chlorophyriphos followed by its incorporation in irrigation water is a good option for termite control in wheat crop.

Metasulfuron in wheat (Weed Control)

it control broad lives weeds efficiently as compared to 2,4-D.

Oxy FlourIfen @ 1 L/ha in garlic

The weedicide control heavy weeds in garlic increases yield by18-20%

Metalyxil +Mancozeb at 30 & 50

Ideal combination controlling early and late blight of potato thereby reducing the losses 30%-75%.




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